Spot The Drowning Child

About 10 seconds in to the video a young boy loses control off his rubber ring due to the force of a passing wave and he topples into the water. Drowning people can be easy to miss.

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Youre helping me learn.

Spot the drowning child. The people most at risk for drowning are males children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old and minorities. The New York Times pointed out this eye-opening interactive educational game by computer programmer Francisco SaldaƱa called Spot the Drowning Child which aims to help users learn to spot. Knowing the signs to watch for can enable you to rescue a drowning child or adult.

At one point she can be seen reaching to her face. Can you notice whos drowning in the pool before the lifeguard does. The surest sign of drowning for me was always in the kids eyes.

It was also a pretty terrible angle for us to watch. The drowning reflex overrides most peoples abilities to process other thoughts with the result that a loved one is just as likely to drown you as a stranger. Ive had very young children almost drag me under because they managed to get a hold of my neck or one arm and I was a very strong swimmer when I was guarding.

Inspired by this hackernews thread. The child could barely touch the bottom and can be seen ducking under the water and using her feet to try to push her head up above the surface. The child narrowly avoided death after an eagle-eyed lifeguard.

Can you spot the drowning child in this crowded wave pool. Spot The Drowning Child. Can you spot the person drowning.

Rescuing a drowning person even a child is incredibly dangerous if you have not been trained in how to do it. The most common sign a child has dry drowning is if they have trouble breathing. I dont have any lifeguard training either.

Spoiler alert Anyway those swimming rings are dangerous for people that cant swim. Our goal is to reach 100000 subscribers so we can put the Silv. Watch your children without distractions.

Gus_massa 22 days ago. Spot The Drowning Child. One software engineer is trying to educate the public about how silently deadly.

They will try to climb on top of you if they get a hold of you and unless you are an exceptionally strong swimmer they will then proceed to drown you. It is thought the footage was filmed in the US. I know this is from yesterday but good news.

They go wide with terror. Be Present and Pay Attention. In your child always look for signs of rapid and shallow breathing nasal flaring or pronounced gaps in the ribs.

Can You Spot the Drowning Child in This Video. The Instinctive Drowning Response is frequently missed even by people nearby. So thank you these videos are helping people.

Once someones instinctive response has taken over they oftentimes look like theyre swimming and go unnoticed by others closeby. Amazing lifeguard rescue at our wavepool. What Happens in Your Childs.

To the untrained eye drowning looks like swimming. I just watched a lot of your videos and Im getting better at picking out there child who is drowning before the whistle is blown. THIS is the terrifying moment a young boy almost drowns as dozens of bystanders unaware of his plight continue swimming around him.

Its scary to watch the videos all of them have a happy ending but. I dont understand why them are allowed. No phone book etc.

Video 5 Ways to Beat Bad Breath. Video The Truth About Coffee.

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