Which Of The Following Is The Best Example Of An Achieved Status?

An achieved status is the means to ensure more equality in society. Position in any institution is an example of Achieved status.

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Which of the following is the best example of an achieved status?. Which of the following is an example of ascribed status in Juans life. There is a relationship between the ascribed status and achieved status in so far as each can extend a helping hand to the other. Our profession class position are examples for achieved status.

This can be contrasted with ascribed status that you cant change such as your age or height. To learn more about this topic review the accompanying lesson called Achieved Status. A Mother B Brother C Latino D Teenager E Woman.

Which of the following is the best example of an achieved status. Unlike the ascribed status achieved status can be changed by individual effort. The definition of achieved status with examples.

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This lesson covers the following objectives. An _____ status which can be a matter of race extreme poverty or wealth or. Associate degree bachelors degree masters degree or doctoral degree.

Definition Examples Quiz. Which of the following would be the best an example of an achieved status. Ascribed status is helpful in removing the difficulties and disabilities of the achieved status.

Which of the following is the best example of an achieved status. A marketing consultant B Indian-American C son D male. Race sex birth order and ethnicity are all examples of ascribed statuses.

Achieved status is typically based on _____. Occupation provides an example of status that may be either ascribed or achieved and which serves to differentiate caste-like societies from modern ones. Being a professional athlete for example is an achieved status as is being a lawyer college professor or even a criminal.

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An achieved status is one that is acquired on the basis of merit. Social groups interact regularly with each other. Which of the following statuses is an example of an achieved status.

The following are basic types of social status. Our achieved statuses are largely. Which of the following is an example of an achieved status.

Welcome 112 MILESTONE 1 Being an Olympic gold medalist is an example of which of the following types of status. Examples of Achieved Status education. The following are common examples of achieved status.

Ascribed Status Ascribed status are things that you are born with or that change involuntarily. A physician B male C surgeon D pediatrician. Asked 16 hours ago in Other by nikhilk25 -5012 points.

A Hispanic boy B woman born with cerebral palsy C minister in a Pentecostal church D baby baptized into the Roman Catholic Church Free. Asked Apr 19 2017 in Sociology by Carmen. Baby baptized into the Roman Catholic Church.

Achieved status is social status that is earned through action and inaction. Which of the following is an achieved status. African American woman b.

An occupation would be a good example of an achieved statusa person becomes a lawyer for instance or a doctor based on his merit and not his birth and hence receives the respect and power that he or she has earned. Minister in a Methodist church d. Answered Apr 19 2017 by Naynadine.

In contrast our achieved statuses are positions that we have earned or chosen. Which of the following statements best describes Erving Goffmans concept called presentation of self. If he gets promoted to a new level his status is changed in the society.

It is a position that is earned or chosen and reflects a persons skills abilities and efforts. Common examples include age race nationality physical abilities physical characteristics appearance and gender. Which of the following is an example of a violent crime or a crime against the person.

The conflict perspective is the best sociological perspective to use. For example an individual may be proud of their national identity height youth or. Definition of Achieved Status noun A status that is acquired or earned as the result of personal accomplishment and merit that serves as a reflection of ability choice or personal effort.

Which of the following is the best example of an achieved status. Similarly achieved status is also helpful to remove the disabilities of the ascribed status. Man born with cerebral palsy c.

Ascribed status Status set Achieved status CONCEPT Status 2 Arnold struggles to manage the. Achieved Statuses Achieved statuses are those which the individual acquires during his or her lifetime as a result of the exercise of knowledge ability skill andor perseverance. Achieved status refers to the position that the individual achieves through his dedication commitment skills and qualities.

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