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The entire wiki with photo and video galleries for each article. He lived through the upheaval of the Peloponnesian War which lasted from 431 to 404 and stripped Athens of her place as cultural and political capital of the Greek city-states.

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Most plays are based on old myths the audience knows very well no original play that the playwright created out of the blue they embellished long standing myths make their own mark make is uniquely theirs voice a message etc.

Greek playwrights. Aristophanes was the most famous writer of Greek comedies. Sophocles was born about 496 BC in Colonus Hippius now part of Athens he was to become one of the great playwrights of the golden age. Largely due to an accident of history eighteen of Euripides ninety-five plays have survived in a complete form along with fragments some substantial of many of his other plays.

Aeschylus born 525524 bc died 456455 bc Gela Sicily the first of classical Athens great dramatists who raised the emerging art of tragedy to great heights of poetry and theatrical power. The war robbed Athens as the cultural and political capital of Greece and m any of his plays mention and make reference to the long war. The Great Playwrights of Athens Golden Age Double bust of Sophocles Aristophanes in the Louvre Paris Aeschylus the father of Greek tragedy died in 456 BC relatively early in Pericles long.

The Oresteia 458 BC a trilogy comprising Agamemnon The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides Prometheus Bound authorship and date of performance is still in dispute Phrynichus 511 BC. Euripides was the last of the three great tragedians of classical Greece the other two being Aeschylus and Sophocles. The most famous Greek playwrights were Aeschylus Sophocles Euripides and Aristophanes.

The plays we have from ancient Greece are mainly from the playwrights Aeschylus Sophocles Euripides and Aristophanes. Playwrights of Fifth Century BCE Greece Most of what we know about Greek tragedy is taken from the plays of the three major playwrights of the time. Euripedes is another important playwright from Ancient Greece and one of his best works was Medea.

His works were awarded at the City Dionysia. Medea was the wife of Jason whom we know from the story Jason and the Argonauts. Pages in category Ancient Greek dramatists and playwrights The following 96 pages are in this category out of 96 total.

Aeschylus 525-455 BCE was a prolific playwright credited for over 80 plays though just handful have survived. The son of a wealthy merchant he would enjoy all the. Interesting Facts About Greek Drama and Theater The word theater comes from the Greek word theatron which means seeing place The masks allowed for one actor to play different roles in the same play.

This list may not reflect recent changes. All of the major Greek tragedies that are studied in high schools and colleges worldwide were written by either Sophocles Aeschylus or Euripides. Before he was a playwright he was stage-carpenter or scene-shifter in his youth which may have inspired him to become a playwright.

He lived most of his life through the Peloponnesian War which lasted from 431 to 404. The three tragedies in his trilogy Orestia deal with the concept of vengeance vs. Amphitryon Persa Trinummus Epidicus Casina and Asinaria.

Spoken scenes for actors they would occasionally sing but mostly chorus. He is best remembered for his tragedies most notably The Persians the trilogy The Oresteia and Prometheus Bound. ARISTOPHANES Aristophanes the most famous writer of Greek comedies was born in the 440s bce.

He studied Greek drama in his spare time. 497 405 BC Sophocles was the second of the three ancient Greek tragedians whose work has survived. There were many playwrights in Ancient Greece but not many plays have survived as not much care was being taken with the works of playwrights whose plays have not turned out to be very popular.

Aeschylus grew up in the turbulent period when the Athenian democracy having thrown off its tyranny the absolute rule of one man had to prove itself against both self. Greek Playwrights Famous Greek Authors and Play writes. As the play opens Jason has just left Media for another woman.

Most of his plays were adaptations of Greek plays re-written for Roman audiences. Justice and breaking the cycle of violence. Aeschylus is credited with pioneering the trend of using multiple characters in theater allowing them to interact among themselves instead of the chorus.

He was also extremely successful winning top festival honors more than a dozen times. All in poetry sung or spoken. The Fall of Miletus c.

He promised to keep her on as a mistress.

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