Define Inundate

Verb If you say that you are inundated with things such as letters demands or requests you are emphasizing that you receive so many of them that you cannot deal with them all. Inundated is defined as being covered with or overwhelmed with a large amount of something.

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To give someone so much work or so many things that they cannot deal with it all.

Define inundate. Inundated inundating inundates 1. Deluge submerge Type of. To cover with water especially floodwaters.

Then we got another and another and by the end of the day we had an inundated inbox. Inundate verb a word used in place of overwhelm with strong ties to water conditions. 3rd person singular present tense inundates present participle inundating past tense past participle inundated 1.

Fill fill up make full make full also in a metaphorical sense. 1 v fill or cover completely usually with water Synonyms. 10 synonyms of inundate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 16 related words definitions and antonyms.

Often with The salesman inundated overwhelmed them with information. Find another word for inundate. To give someone so much work or so many things.

To cause someone or something to receive or take in a large amount of things at the same time Hundreds of letters inundated flooded the office. The definition of inundate is to flood or overwhelm with a lot of anything. To cover with water especially floodwaters.

Inundation definition the condition of being floodedResearchers are warning that accelerated sea level change threatens hundreds of thousands of coastal homes with inundation. Inundate definition is – overwhelm. Flood cover with liquid usually water v fill quickly beyond capacity.

Overwhelmed by a great volume of something. To cover with a flood. Misused especially if you are some girl that wants to sound smarter than you actually are.

Inundated inundating inundates 1. Cover or overspread with water. An example of inundate is when you send a perspective new customer 100 pages of brochures and material every day for weeks and weeks.

Past simple and past participle of inundate 2. The first congratulatory email was a high for all of us. How to use inundate in a sentence.

Inundate definition to flood. To give someone so much work or so many things that they cannot deal with it all. Deluge flood swamp Type of.

As with a liquid the basement was inundated after the storm Synonyms. An example of inundated is a student buried in a large amount of homework. My phone was inundated with phone calls.

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