Poignant In A Sentence

This is also a poignant moment for me. Something that is poignant affects you deeply and makes you feel sadness or regret.

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Examples of poignant in a sentence.

Poignant in a sentence. Choose a language then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Her singing is lush supple poignant and uncommonly intelligent. Water pollution is a poignant example of how little people care about our environment.

They poignantly added that its only alternative is the destruction of the. Examples of poignant moment in a sentence how to use it. I found his speech deeply poignant.

A poignant love story. David Crowley Vibe June 2001 In a poignant attempt to split the difference between the two camps Justices Breyer and David Souter tried to prevent the Court from destroying itself. Examples of Poignant in a sentence Because the poignant movie reminded me of my painful childhood it made me cry.

Her fathers sad passing makes such memories deeply poignant but Meadows relays them too chirpily for me to embarrass myself by getting moist-eyed. An example of poignant is the anniversary of September 11th for those who lost loved ones in the 2001 attacks. It is especially poignant that he died on the day before the w.

How acute and poignant was her sense of loss. Its difficult to see poignant in a sentence. All things were known eternally and were poignant in their transiency.

His public funeral and the later memorial evening of performances by the company are described with heartbreaking poignancy. View Poignant usage in sample sentences. Some poignant moments reported in other Dole biographies go unmentioned here.

Her face was a poignant reminder of the passing of time. Sentence with the word Poignant To King and others who mope like him people – regardless of their party affiliation or ideology – cannot honestly have their perceptions modified or even tantalized by what they identify as poignant and powerfully moving moments. Theirs is an unforgettably poignant love story told through s.

A poignant combination of beautiful surroundings and tragic history. The photograph awakens poignant memories of happier days. The definition of poignant is something that has a strong effect on emotions or the senses especially smell.

Examples of poignantly in a sentence how to use it. – I come now to a poignant perhaps the. I looked and had an acute pleasure in looking – a precious yet poignant pleasure.

Ah tingling shame and poignant pain. Since my mothers death looking at her pictures has become a very poignant experience for me. Examples of poignant in a sentence Because the poignant movie reminded me of my painful childhood it made me cry.

Poignant moments are interspersed with some darkly amusing ones That cant possibly be as poignant as it sounded That is poignant and also significant That memory painful and poignant still inspires the Scot. With poignant as well as spunky moments expressed through pacing and pitch changes listeners will not just hear but also feel the changing and developing emotions. Somehow its poignant sweetness hurt.

Examples of poignant in a Sentence this movie isnt a soft-pedaled poignant tale of addiction and recoveryits just about the addiction. How to use Poignant in a sentence. Octavie felt as if she had passed into a stage of existence which was like a dream more poignant and real than life.

I could never have conceived of anything like it from her and I too jumped up from my seat not exactly in alarm but with a sort of anguish a poignant wound in my heart suddenly realizing that something dreadful had happened. Poignantly in a sentence poignantly example sentences It was a poignantly wonderful moment. Water pollution is a poignant example of how little people care about our environment.

Sentence Examples What gives this wretched episode extra poignancy is the fact that the bandit commanders life had been saved by the Red Cross a year earlier. A poignant agonizing memory swept over the princes heart.

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