Wondrous Meaning

The artist can achieve wondrous wonderful things with a paintbrush. In each verse the narrator is in an encounter with his Forgiver but at each encounter the narrator is too preoccupied with your wonderous stories. Just A Thought Take A Leap Of Faith And Begin This Wondrous New Year By Believing Believe In Yourself And… Continue reading Wondrous Meaning

Grueling Meaning

He eventually won the match after five grueling sets. How to use grueling in a sentence. Synonym Words Difficult English Vocabulary English Grammar Here English Vocabulary Words English Words English Vocabulary Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion. Grueling meaning. Examples of Grueling in a sentence. Once upon a time in a land… Continue reading Grueling Meaning

Unscrupulous Meaning

An example of unscrupulous behavior is when you copy someones work behind his back and then take credit for it. Unscrupulous adj 1803 from un- 1 not scrupulous adj. Relent Meaning Learning English Online English Vocabulary English Online The new law will give unscrupulous landlords an easy way of getting rid of people. Unscrupulous meaning.… Continue reading Unscrupulous Meaning

Spurn Meaning

Originally to spurn was to kick away. Ellis plays the part of the young lover spurned by his mistress. Spurn Explosion Amazing Sunsets Nature Photography Sunrise Sunset Stumble from Proto-Germanic spurnaną to tread kick knock out from Proto-Indo-European sper- sperw- to twitch push fidget be quick. Spurn meaning. Many of the modern surnames in the… Continue reading Spurn Meaning